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Party Favors

Special Order: Ask for our Promo Size!

We'll make up 5"x3" (approx 1 cup popcorn) bags of any flavor you choose, these make great sizes for weddings/birthdays and any hand out events.

We have the capability of printing black&white labels with any text, picture or design you choose. Min Qty 25.  Call for current pricing as these bags are customized just you.

Popcorn Bar Idea

Starting at $6.99

You have unlimited options, but Popcorn Cove is here to help with one simple option:

Popcorn Cove's Popcorn Bar Kit $6.99 INCLUDES:

1. Clear Bowl (as seen in photo),

2. 25 cups

3. 1 clear serving scoop

For your reference, 1 medium bag of Popcorn Cove's popcorn is 26 cups, and it will fill the bowl twice.


Simply select how much popcorn you want to purchase and add it to your order. As an estimate plan 1-2 cups/person of our candy/chocolate popcorn. Keep in mind people eat more for savory and butter flavors, typically plan 3-5 cups/person when ordering.

DIY Party Popcorn - Wholesale Cost

Call for current party bag costs as these are not published.

Are you having a Company Party, School Event, or Serving a large group? Do you want to save money on snacks, refreshments and party favors? Our wholesale option is available to everyone.


The 275 cup Party Bag!! 


With 275 cups you can serve a lot of people. Typically figure 2-3 cups/person of candy/chocolate covered popcorn, but keep in mind people generally will eat much more butter/savory popcorn in one sitting, so plan accordingly.

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