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Pastel Popcorn

Starting at $2.80

Light Colors take the spotlight with Light Green (Margarita), Light Yellow (Pina Colada), Pink (Cotton Candy), Light Blue (Coconut) and Lavender (Huckleberry) Candy Popcorn. Mix all or just your favorites in any bag size.

Soda Easter Hunt

$1.60 - $4.20/Soda

Devising a Treasure Hunt beyond just Easter Eggs? Try hiding unique and retro sodas throughout the yard. We have over 50 varieties in stock to choose from!

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Easter Basket

As Simple or Elaborate as You Choose

Customize your Easter Basket with whatever you can fit in the design of your choice. Pre-ordering available.

Refreshments for Gatherings and Movie Nights

Designed To Fit Your Budget

Gather a variety of treats for you and your guests from our 75 Popcorn Flavors, over 50 Sodas, domestic and foreign Candies

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Edible Spring Crafts

Create edible crafts using our rainbow colored (light and dark) Candy Popcorn, Candy Rocks, Individually Colored M&M's and Sixlets, and Gummie Butterflies, Garden Snakes, Turtles, Frogs and many more fun shapes!

Egg Stuffers

Browse our Candy selection for fun and unique treats to add variety to your Easter Egg Hunt!

Plant Jelly Beans and Grow Lollipops! We carry both Jelly Beans and Lollipops for your cultivation project!

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