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Popcorn Drop Relay

Equipment: 2 Bags of Popcorn, basket, plactic cup, paper clip and rubber band

Setup: Make two pairs of shoe cups. Use a pushpin to poke holes in the bottom of plastic cups. Push a wide rubber band through the holes, and secure it inside the cup with a paper clip.

How to Play: Divide the players into two teams. The first player straps cups on her shoes and fills them with popcorn from a bag at the starting line. Then she hustles to a basket on the other end of the lawn. After she dumps out her popcorn in the baskets and races back, the next player follows suit. The race is over when one of the bags of popcorn is empty. Measure the popcorn in the baskets to see which team got the most in.

Popcorn Tin Basket Ball

Equipment: empty Popcorn Tin or container, cones or masking tape, and popcorn

Setup: Indoors. Set up one empty container and three markers of varying distances from the container.

How to Play: Divide players into 2-4 teams. Ask a trivia question. Only the players at the front of each line can answer. If someone from the back of the line answers, that line is disqualified for that round. Whoever answers the question first wins the right to shoot the “ball” into the container. Players have 3 options:

1.     Shoot from the closest spot (slam dunk) for 1 point;
2.     Shoot from the medium spot for 2 points;
3.     Shoot from the farthest spot for 3 points.


  • If the shooter misses, the other players at the front of the line get a chance to shoot (greater involvement for everyone).

  • Give the shooters only one designated spot to shoot from (speeds up the game).

  • Let everyone shoot (good for younger players)

Popcorn Bird Feeders

Equipment: Craft Wire or String and Needle, Low Salt Popcorn

This craft has the bonus of attracting birds to watch later. Let the popcorn sit out for a day or two so it can become a little stale and more solid. Thread the stale popcorn onto craft wire and bend the wire into any shape you desire. You can also add Cheerios and cranberries or grapes on a craft wire. Hang the feeder on a sturdy branch or someplace high.

Blind Popcorn Taste Test

Equipment: Blindfold and 5-8 flavors of popcorn (Extra popcorn for snacking and prizes)

How to Play: Players put on their blindfolds and use plastic spoons to sample the popcorn placed inside paper cups. As a group, without looking, they try to identify the tastes, passing the cups around to confirm or deny their guesses. The game continues until all of the flavors have been positively identified. We recommend using a few popcorn flavors from each category for variety (IE: Dill Pickle, Bacon, Pina Colada, Mountain Dew, Peanut Butter Chocolate, and Birthday Cake).

Alternate: This can also be played individually where the person who guesses the most correctly wins.

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